Monday, March 19, 2012

Beauty food

 Minerals are not the only thing keeping us healthy. We can benefit a lot if we eat right, healthy food. Before you begin consuming medicines from the pharmacy, you should know that there are some natural ingredients provided by Mother Nature.

Some of antioxidants rejuvenate us and they are stored in meat, vegetables and fruits. Consuming of low calorie food slows the aging process because it slows down the production of hormone T3 in the thyroid gland which slows the metabolism and with that, the aging of tissue.
Here are some of the groceries that will help you feel and look better:

Blueberry - Blueberry contains a lot of flavonoids that slow the aging process. They are also contained in red wine, so a glass of wine per day will be good against wrinkles and for bloodstream.

Eggs - They contain vitamin B that keeps the balance between essential fatty acids which have an important role in the structural material of the skin epidermis. They will also help your hair's glow.

Papaya, watermelon, carrots - They improve our sight and because of the vitamin A they fight against dry skin.

White onions, seafood, cereals, parsley - Parsley is one of the healthiest groceries. All of these foodstuffs decrease the stretching of our skin.

Pumpkin, zucchini - These kind of food is important to consume before summer because we will prepare our skin for the sun. Because of the beta - carotene it contains it defends our skin from the inside.

Tomatoes - An important source of vitamin A. It contains the antioxidant lycopene that slows aging and  has the anti-carcinogenic effect.

Kiwi, grapefruit, lemon - They are rich with vitamin C and the help forming and synthesis of collagen which helps the battle with wrinkles. A glass of orange or grapefruit juice per day should do the trick.

Sardines, mussels, cayenne pepper, milk and milk products - These groceries contain calcium that's very important for out bones. Also, in hard cheese and nuts we can find phosphorus that is important for our teeth.

Besides the food that help us look better, there are groceries that help our immunity, such as: yogurt, beef, black and green tea and many others.

It's very important to drink lots of fluids because the skin get's moisturized and you clean your body. You should drink at least 2 liters of water a day.

That's it, I hope you'll eat more of these foodstuffs, so you can be healthier and prepared for everything. If you have any questions, post them in the comments below. Thanks.

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